The Story of Dainty Books

by Jennifer Dainty

The mission of Dainty Books is to create entertaining children's books that are visually stunning but also teach important concepts that kids can relate to and learn from. As a mom of two who has read books every night to my kids over the past decade, I really saw that a good book with a positive message can make a huge difference in a child's life. For me, reading was the calming end of my day which I shared with my kids, and I really cherish those moments, especially now that my kids are getting older. 

As someone who's been running my own business for the past 15 years focusing on children’s animation and interactive educational games for kids, I thought to myself, we could really do something unique and create a children’s book brand that encompasses positive stories and messages with characters kids can learn from and resonate with, while using high-quality illustrations.

2022 marks a new chapter in creating a new style of children’s content for me, a collection of stories meant to inspire the next generation of creators and thinkers. I hope you enjoy all the Dainty Books we have planned for this year! 
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