Kiki's Dresses

This is a book for kids who love wearing dresses! Celebrate being happy in the clothes that make you feel special.

Kiki loves to wear dresses - white ones, cute ones, bright ones, blue ones… but her friend does not. Learn how Kiki deals with bullying for wearing dresses and how she finds the courage to be herself.


Goose and Cloud: Try Something New

Goose does not want to try swimming, but is able to overcome his fear of trying new things with some gentle guidance from Cloud. With helpful water safety tips, and encouraging words from Cloud, this book will encourage children to try new things, even if it's scary at first.

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Goose and Cloud: The Mystery Seed

After finding and planting a mystery seed, Goose must learn to be patient. Waiting for the seed to grow is a challenge at first, but Cloud has a few fun tips for Goose on how to be patient. Join Goose and Cloud as they practice patience and discover that some things are worth waiting for!

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Goose and Cloud

Change, although scary at first, can also bring great things! Goose feels a little anxious when Cloud begins to change forms, but learns to love Cloud no matter what form they are in. Discover the magic of the water cycle while learning that change can be fun!

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The Goose and Cloud Series

In the Goose and Cloud book series, best friends Goose and Cloud empower children to understand the world around them and develop a positive self image by instilling helpful and optimistic messages meant to inspire good values, high self esteem and self reliance. While on imaginative adventures, Goose and Cloud explore concepts such as how to deal with change, learn patience, and use acceptance and tolerance towards others, to be the best version of themselves. 

With a writing style that combines a humorous and light-hearted approach to common social emotional concepts for kids 2-6, the Goose and Cloud series delivers simple, approachable life lessons with unmistakable heart. 

With beautiful dreamlike illustrations featuring soft textures and airy pastel colors, all Goose and Cloud books are visually engaging.

Check out "Goose and Cloud: The Mystery Seed" which explores waiting and patience,"Goose and Cloud" which explores change, acceptance and loving yourself, and "Goose and Cloud: Try Something New", available now on Amazon.

  • Written by Alexander Campbell


  • Written by Jennifer Dainty / Illustrated by Alexander Campbell

    Personalized book with 7 characters to choose from.


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