Authors & Illustrators

Jennifer Dainty


Jennifer is the author of “The Book of Books" and is the key producer for all Dainty Books. Jennifer co-owns an animation studio in Ottawa, Canada, Dainty Productions, Inc., with her husband Chris, where she oversees production of all projects, including animation for past projects like Sesame Street, Odd Squad, Dino Dan, Dino Dana, as well as interactive games, apps and now books. Jennifer is very excited to lead the creative team for Dainty Books!

When not working, Jennifer enjoys learning how to play the piano, and spending time with her two young kids, and Yorkipoo puppy. 

Chris Dainty


Chris Dainty is the art director for Dainty Books. He leads the creative team in developing the stories for cross-platform development in broadcast, interactive experiences and games. He is currently illustrating a new book to be released in late 2022.

Chris Dainty is an award winning film director, animator, ice carver, and college professor from Ottawa, Ontario.   


Candace Carrothers
Candace wants to live in a world where laundry folds itself and books come bundled with dark chocolate and steamed matcha green tea! She always tries to have a positive attitude, believes in synchronicity and lives with some really great people - her crafty husband, her noisy yet charming beautiful daughter and their loveable fuzzball dog, Hazel. 
When she is not working her day job or following a whim to create, she may be experimenting in the kitchen, holding a rake or practicing her downward facing dog. 
Adrienne Brown


Adrienne Brown was born in Cambridge, Ontario and has been crafting and creating art since she could walk and hold a crayon!

Adrienne has a great passion for children's literature, creating beautiful environments and engaging characters with a bold visual style. Trained in both Graphic Design, and Illustration, she is not just a one trick pony.

You will often find Adrienne in her creative cave creating art, or curled up on the couch with a hot coffee, a good book (most likely art related), and snuggling a cat.

Alexander Campbell



Alexander Campbell originally hails from a small seaside village in England. He  emigrated to Canada as a young child and has hated the cold ever since.

Alexander studied Illustration at Algonquin College and loves designing characters and creating stories. He got his start working on the award winning film "Shannon Amen" for the National Film Board of Canada where he cleaned up every animated frame of the film. Once production wrapped, Alexander started work on creating children's books for Dainty Productions. "The Book of Books" will be Alexander's first book published with Dainty Books. 

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